We are on travel for almost one and half years. I thought about writing a couple of times, but I couldn’t. First topic was what I’m going to write! I couldn’t recommend any cafes, restaurants or hotels to readers because we slept in our car, we cooked our meal, washed dishes outside. We preferred to drive on country roads and back streets. We liked to be close real life, in short it could be boring for readers.
But a short time ago I had a book from Albert Camus. Its name in English is Betwixt and Between or The Wrong Side and the Right Side. This book has encouraged me and changed my idea about not writing. He sad that:
“…Fear creates value of the journey. The journey demolishes the interior design of our intellect; it was not possible to do trick and hide. The journey deprives from this shelter. Reached our own surface , when we stay away from our family, friends, our main language, our mask and our support.”

I found it very accurate. We hadn’t this shelter, we were on the street, we were foreigners and far from home. I decided to write. I will look at that days from these day so I couldn’t write essence but I will try.
I would like to declare that the English is not my native language, forgive my mistakes please. We met a couple on this travel, we become friends and later we feel like family members. Susan McElroy and Henry McElroy. She will help me about my articles and I will expect support from her this article.

Duke is home of McElroy’s

From my dairy 23.10.2016

Day of the travel, everybody asked same question ” are you excited ” I sad no and I continued. I will be excited when we get there….

We shiped our van to New York first and we flew to there. We rented a small room on the ground floor. Our host was living at upstairs in New Jersey. That room had white curtains but there were no windows. We felt confision and boredom. We decided to see the positive sides rather than negative. In spite of everything we loved that room. When we were spending fist night in this room my husband ask me ” do you perceive we haven’t got a home from now on! I sad yes.” but did I?

Majority of this neighborhood were Mexicans. This was our first experience of a Latin lifestyle. We have never seen a ghetto before. I thought have seen there after that people don’t wear their culture such a dress. Culture is like similar to skin you can not take it off. So we had almost a week in this neighborhood. There were shops like; wedding dress, house furniture, a shop full of colorful dress for women. You can see chair and table for sale on the sidewalks usually in dark brown color. You will find a kitchen with fried platono and dough, vegetables with tomatoes, rice, cooked totally different way from American kitchen.
Over than New York was usual for me because I was from Istanbul and Istanbul was a cosmopolit city like New York City. We landed to New York was night and I was not excited, I was looking out of the taxi to New York. I found familiar everything, traffic, houses, people.

But I wouldn’t feel the other places in USA. We left New York one morning and started our adventure.
Amerika was different than I imagined. I am so surprised when I see big motorhomes and their RV parks. I am even more surprised when I hear people use that motorhomes as a house. Some of them were pulling cars with their motorhomes. We saw some towns there were more RV parks than houses. We were on the roads, we were getting use to our van life day by day.

11.11.2016 From my dairy Virginia
” A river was flowing on our left and there was a forest on our right. There were wooden houses on side of the river and you can reache by crossing bridge . Some trees were uprooted, they were laid down on the slopes. We were scared from that logs when we passed the road. I could imagine Tara of Gone With the Wind …when we passed green meadows, white houses and cattle farms.

Sucuk valley
We have seen forests, lakes, rivers of Virginia. It was autumn, there were oak trees and dried leaves. These leaves were rustling at your every step. I will never forget Virginia and I haven’t just one reason, I met good people there and I kept worthy memories. We have been to a camp area called Walnut Flat in 14.11.2016. That was like a dream. It was a meadow surrounded by the forest. You could reach a small lake after little walk. The trees has threw away the leaves, I was feeling the magic of the forest. Irma started to bark, and then we saw a big deer in twilight . This was the first deer we have seen. We saw them traffic sings only before . It was big and I think it hasn’t afraid of us. When we fell down beautiful dream , a man came and took water from the tap and when he left there. His last sentence was “watch the black bear”. We would get used these kind of warnings later on but this time was not that moment . We were new. Every thing was OK for Hakan but not for me, I scared too much and collected all our stuff and hide inside.


Even though we left that camp area because I am scared. We didn’t know that we were going to another heaven. Our heading was to Pine Mountain. We arrive in Fairwood and saw a sign ” this road is not for standard vehicles” and our car was not a standard vehicle. We should confessing that raod was easy. We arrived a camp area at the end of rough road. We reached a fenced meadow that there were few huts and old caravans incide. Ponies were wandering outside and was cool wind blowing. It was looking empty. But wasn’t. A man approached at us and he had a gun. He was Jerry, an old hunter. We also met the other members of the team .They were retired Sheriff Jo, retired Mayor Bill and old Vietnam veteran Jerry. We spent three days with them, had breakfast and dinner in small and old hut together. We had felt in our family since to started our travel. Jerry showed us surroundings and told us some stories about the old forest. These hills are called Pine Mountain because they were all covered with pine trees before but now they were bare hills. We never forgat our old friends and their characters.


Jerry Woody shows us around

I checked from my dairy and saw that we spent thirteen days in Virginia.
We have seen wonderful houses, gardens, mountain, rivers, trees, leaves in yellow, green, red color, bear proof garbage cans, the deers crossing the road, drinking water, free and pay camp areas, mobile houses , post boxes, squirrels with the red tails and frendly people…




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